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About us

Continuing the trajectory of the veteran  El Oso Blanco school stars in the 2017/18 season, EL OSO SKI SCHOOL. Maintaining its philosophy of personalized and professional treatment and, maintaining its character as a family school, we are committed to private classes or small groups to provide, above all, quality and good service to his students.

Our philosophy

Our Philosophy is based on three basic pillars




"We open with the fall of the first snowfall"

Our location is synonymous with history, it enjoys a privileged location within the station. It is unbeatable for its proximity to the main Gondola access to the beginners area as well as the completion of the Rio slope.
We have rentals and a clothing store.
Escuela Esquí el oso
David García ski

Experience & Professionalism

The teachers and coaches, graduates with extensive experience, make up a highly trained team, both for beginners in this exciting world of snow, and for students with more demanding technical levels.

Security before everything

Both skiing and snowboarding are extreme sports. The conditions are constantly changing, which is why we take care of making an adequate progression using the most pioneering teaching techniques, to minimize the risks of our students.

Oso blanco Clientes


Juan alvaro Fandila

Juan Alvaro



td3 Snowboard Chio


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